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Helpful Drupal Modules

One of the biggest advantages of using Drupal is that there are TONS of modules available to enhance the functionality. Some are more specialized modules and have functions that would be meant for sites with specific purposes(like social networking, galleries, etc.). However, some modules have functionality that makes it so that a majority of people making Drupal websites would be able to benefit from them. This is a small fraction of what's available, but it also will help you delve into using Drupal modules.

Easy Page Editing with CKEditor and IMCE

Once you have a Drupal site up, it seems a little backwards to have to write HTML to make your pages. The way to solve this problem is generally called a WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) editor. It makes it so you can basically write and edit text like it were something close to Microsoft Word. In particular, I’ll show you how to use my favorite one, CKEditor. Also in this tutorial, we’ll make it so you can easily upload images to a page without having to code them like you would by default.

How to Restore Your Drupal Website from a Backup

Being able to restore your Drupal website from a backup is just as important as backing it up. If you aren’t able to restore your site, backing it up is essentially useless. Hostgator offers a free backup/restore tool, but I prefer the old fashioned way(it's easy!). Here’s how you can get an archived version of your website up in just a few minutes. Like backing up, restoring is comprised of two parts: your Drupal website database, and your Drupal website files. This tutorial assumes you already have a database to be replaced. Learn how to backup your Drupal website by reading our Drupal Back-Up tutorial.

How to Back Up Your Drupal Website

Backing up your Drupal site(or any website for that matter) is important in case the unexpected happens. This seems like something that can be put off until the day that an emergency happened and you've lost all your hard work. Even when there isn't an emergency, sometimes there will be times where it would be helpful to be able to go back to a recent version of your website. By regularly backing up your content, you can turn a massive, stressful ordeal into a mere inconvenience.

Admin Module (Drupal 6 Only)

The 'Aministration Menu' module for Drupal 6 is a must have! It makes it so that you can navigate, administer, and make changes to your site MUCH more efficiently. In fact, the Administration Menu module was so effective and helpful for Drupal 6 that Drupal 7 came out with its own verion of the administration menu module already installed, so if your website is on Drupal 7, you already have the functionality from the Administration Menu module and you can skip this tutorial!

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